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What is Loving Wisely?

Many people believe that love should just come easy. You meet and fall in love and everything just works out when you find the right one. As statistics show, it’s not quite that way. Many of us choose people to love based on our attachment style. Without real awareness about what we bring to a relationship we may be choosing unwisely. Our attachment styles cause us to choose people whom we are drawn too based upon what are used too, not necessarily what is good for us.

Many of our emotional needs were unmet in our childhood. We search for these needs to be met by the love of our life. Often subconsciously.

We struggle to verbalize these needs directly as they are often loaded with shame. We tell ourselves we shouldn’t need to feel needy. We should just be able to be.

At Loving Wisely we believe it is your undeniable right to both be able to give and receive love the way you need it. We want to help you find and keep your love alive. This takes effort and conscious coupling.

One of our fully qualified Marriage and Family therapists will help you to identify what is getting in the way of you finding love, and help you through the dating, engagement and early years of love. We then help as unforeseen challenges come up along the way.

By having tools at the ready, couples who prepare for love from the beginning are better able to enjoy the good times while simultaneously being able to prevent certain challenges and be ready to overcome those that lie ahead.


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