Second Time Around

Clean out the past and create healthy space for your new relationship.

Do you worry that your previous marriage will get in the way of your new and special connection?

Are you looking to avoid pitfalls that tripped you in your last marriage?

Do you want to navigate your relationship calmly and in a safe space?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re looking to build a lasting second marriage.

You want another chance to get it right. And you can have it. 

Perek Bet Therapy provides couples with a deep understanding of what previously went wrong and what they can do to make sure things go right.

We’ll work together to make sense of things that happened in your previous, respective marriages and work on the elements that will give you, as a couple, the resources to build a loving and thriving marriage.

Physical intimacy in a second marriage  

Issues around physicality may arise and these may be a result of the vast differences you experienced around sex preferences and lack of physical desire or pleasure.

I’ll help each of you explore your feelings around physicality and your expectations throughout the dating period, and your hopes and desires for the future, to help you avoid encounters that are similar to what happened in your previous marriage.

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