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Pre Relationship Therapy

Find the right person and build a loving and lasting relationship. 

  • Are you watching all your friends get married and fear you’ll be left behind?
  • Do you feel that you’re dating the wrong type of person?
  • Do you have relationship traumas you have to clear?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, pre-relationship therapy can help you.

While on the outside it may seem like relationships just happen, lasting relationships happen differently. 

Pre-relationship therapy is a therapeutic approach to exploring, analyzing and understanding what you need from a long-term relationship.

I’ll help you overcome past traumas so that you can begin to build, understand and accommodate another person in your life.

Pre-relationship therapy will help you start your relationship on the right foot, and build the strong foundation every loving and lasting relationship is based on.

Are you struggling with halachic issues?

Being frum is hard. Individuals and couples often feel isolated, dealing with issues such as negiyah.

I work with individuals and couples around their feelings about halachic issues, helping them navigate through their decisions, supporting them, and pointing them in the right direction of a rabbi, rabba or yoetzet halacha where needed.

More about Pre-relationships

  • Knowing who you are
  • Your core needs and values
  • Attachment issues
  • Attitude, beliefs and behaviour awareness
  • Feel the excitement
  • Build realistic relationship expectations
  • Your love language
  • Build confidence
  • Deal with previous relationship baggage
  • Understand how you deal with giving and receiving
  • Overcome traumas
  • Identify what kind of person you really need

True Stories

When I came to work with Micki I was feeling depressed that I would never get married. I was a bridesmaid at so many friend’s weddings and started to believe that it would never happen for me. By working with Micki I realized that I wasn’t giving off the best energy and I also wasn’t really conveying to other’s what I needed from a relationship. I was very confused about my wants and my needs, and Micki helped me to get more clear about this. A year after I finished working with Micki I met and married my husband. It wasn’t easy hanging on to the hope and belief that this would actually happen, but thank G-d I did. Having sessions along the way was helpful as it helped me to really focus myself better.
Female (28)
I chose to work with Micki because I had read many of her articles about love and relationships and a lot of it resonated with me. I never really had a relationship with a woman, I mostly just had hook-ups. Being in my late 20’s I wanted to create a change. I wanted to start a family already and not continue with this pattern of going from woman to woman. By working with Micki I discovered that I had a problem with becoming bored easily and an underlying fear of intimacy which kept me from really getting to know the women I was with. By resolving these issues I was able to establish a long term relationship with a woman I really love and respect.
Male (28)
I was going through a very difficult time in my life when I started going to Micki – depressed and anxious… an emotional mess – Micki immediately recommended that we try Somatic Experience Therapy to help me heal and move on from a very unhealthy and toxic relationship that I was struggling not only to get out of but to accept the reality that it was not meant to be – that I deserved better. Right from the first treatment it helped – in 50 minutes of intense SE work one accomplishes more than one can in hours and hours of regular ‘talk therapy’ – which I had tried in the past. After just a few sessions, I became much stronger and gained the clarity to see my situation for what is really was, rather than from a fantasy view point.
Female, 37

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