Marriage Couples Therapy

Create a better relationship that lasts into the future – without feeling overwhelmed. 

Are you scared of taking emotional risks in your marriage?

Do you find it difficult to navigate through your feelings?

Does communication with your partner leave either of you feeling disregarded, insecure or shamed?

Rather than thinking you’ve made a mistake, understand that every marriage has hiccups. 

Through marriage therapy, couples that work with me learn to understand their feelings and navigate their way through them, without feeling overwhelmed.

I’ll provide you with tools and resources to help you understand what’s standing in the way of creating a deeper, stronger relationship, so that when issues come up again, you’ll be better equipped to handle them together.

Are some of your arguments being triggered because of halachic issues?

Halachic issues are sometimes at the root of disagreement and misunderstandings.

Navigating differences of opinion in a safe space, we’ll talk about issues such as niddah and birth control, and I’ll help you come to a workable agreement.

I have worked with couples who have struggled with genetic issues and worked alongside machon puah and other halachic authorities as they decide how to deal with matters involving fertility and healthy pregnancies.

I have also helped couples who have decided to terminate pregnancies for any variety of reasons. For couples who have dealt with difficult pregnancies and births I incorporate Somatic Experience and EMDR trauma therapy into my work.

More about Marriage

  • Discover what has gotten in the way
  • Rediscover the dream
  • Deal with relationships gone astray
  • Affairs
  • Breakdown in sex and intimacy
  • Rebuild communication
  • Rebuild trust

True Stories

After the happy first years of our marriage, we began to experience a breakdown in communication. I had been sexually abused by a relative when I was a teenager and this held me back from being truly present, emotionally and physically, with my husband. Rather than sharing my feelings with my husband, I withdrew and blamed him for our problems. Our work with Micki enabled me to recognize my difficult feelings and learned how to express myself so that my husband could better understand me. We are now able to deal with challenges head on so that they don’t snow ball and become crises.
Couple: Female (24), male (27)
We came to Micki because we were not connecting well with one another after only a few years of marriage. I (Man) felt like I was making all of the decisions in our relationship and felt my wife was just coming along for the ride. Working with Micki enabled both of us to recognize the pattern we had developed where I wasn’t allowing my wife to be heard. I previously believed that it was my job to make the decisions and didn’t realize that my wife wanted to be involved, but that I was simply blocking her from doing so. Having turned this dynamic around we are now in such a healthy place.
Couple: Woman (25), Man (28)

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